My Lysander Home
(age 2-12)

Here is a photo of the house I grew up in and below that is a photo of it now. Do you know who lives in it now? The address used to be RR#1; I don't know what the address is now. Contact me if you know anything about this house or Lysander, NY.

The youngest child on the porch (hard to see, but on the right of porch) is me at age ~3 (my name was Joyce Wickwire).
Photo taken ~1956. We removed the porch and I seem to remember our putting in the picture window (see below).

This photo of the house was taken in 2001 by my mother when the owners weren't home.

See this page for a photo of the two house together that was sent into the Old House Journal for their "Remuddled" column.

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