The William Early House

house photo
Photo taken by William R. Dowling ©2002-2006

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This national historic site in Prince George's County, Maryland was built in 1907.

William Early was the railroad manager.


The history of this historic site is on the Brandywine, Maryland web site.

The house seen here has been restored to an appearance similar to what it may have looked like in the early 20th century (restoration photos here - for high-speed connections).

Some interior photos
(optimized for low-speed connections):

Stair Hall

Stair Hall (reverse)

Dining Room


Ceiling Medallion Detail



Much of the work on this house (woodwork, plaster repair, ongoing maintenance) was done by the current
Director of Operations at Mr. Handyman of Ft. Washington and Clinton

Door installation with hardware and decorations by handyman Robert Bearden at 240-305-4213
Roof Repairs by Samuel Petro at 410-867-3365 - (thanks to Petro Design Build for the referral)
Windows restored & invisible storms by Restoration Company, Eric Whitesall 301-681-5347
General contractor for interior restoration by Capezior Contractors, Inc., Royce Garland 301-912-2300
Finial restoration by Dell Corporation, Mark Clark 301-279-7885
Heat pump (original installation) by DKS Climate Control, Inc. 1-800-506-9662
Heat pump (repair) by Practical Services 301-390-7770
Plaster work (walls & ceilings) by Michael V. Izzo 301-588-2273
Stove by Elmira Stove Works
Medallions by Gianetti Studios 301-927-0033
Painting (exterior, interior, & medallions) by John Red
Historic replacement value homeowner's insurance by Chubb Insurance Co.,
agent Day, Deadrick and Marshall, Inc.

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