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1945-12-31 pg. 9-10

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1945-12-31 pg. 9-10

Friday, Dec. 28, 1945 - Waiting to hear from the family after Christmas. They had turkey. "The best news…men with 50 to 55 points" or over 3 1/2 yrs. can go home; he'll have 3 1/2 in Feb. He's at the Keijo Imperial University (engineering college), Seoul, Korea. It's been snowing & cold. Communication is hard at the market & they have to barter the price down. It looks like "DARN" got turned into "BARN" - censoring? He talks about Jim not going to school & he hopes he & Dora stay in Corning [they lived there until they died]. He sent woven bamboo rug to his mother.

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